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cloud based systems to monitor multi-fuel energy demand in buildings, How is energy management reporting made easy and benefits of remote monitoring and reporting of energy
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“The Internet of Things managing building/infrastructure utility footprint” Case


PA Energy Metering Metering Data /(“the Internet of Things case”)  

Learning Outcomes:

1. How to use cloud based systems to monitor multi-fuel energy demand in buildings + site

2. How is energy management reporting made easy and how is time saves

3. What benefits can be enjoyed by remote monitoring and reporting of energy


PA Energy showed the Internet of Things REDSTS Resilient Energy Data solution powered by Fuze Insight at the ESTA pavilion at Nemex, Sustainability Live at the NEC Birmingham.

The solution provides logger and data agnostic energy data import, secure energy data repository and on demand custom and standard visualisations.

PA Energy managing director Percy Albuquerque commented, “for some time we have been looking for an innovative and reliable Cloud database solution for our clients such as Associated British Porta and NHS, the REDSTS system is able to pinpoint problems with energy and water consumption, and then automatically provide an exception report to the user, rather than going through a surplus of information”

This has helped simplify integration between the data platform with the complex world of meter and data collection systems, thus improving data delivery to the customers’ back office legacy systems.

Even though the market has many so called aM&T (automated metering and monitoring) applications that enable energy and water managers to view a plethora of graphs/charts and standardised reports, there has still been little innovation from the industry providers in this area of energy data feedback. It was only through using REDSTS has PA Energy been able to add more value to its customers by innovation and saving the energy and environmental manager time through the use of Decision Support Analytics.

These days with the ever-increasing demands on an energy manager’s time due to corporate, legislation and compliance requirements, they don’t really have the time to look at a “bunch” of graphs and charts covering their whole building estate, and therefore require some of the analysis to be undertaken by automated systems.

About PA Energy:

PA Energy is a London based energy and water services company working nationwide with partners and large organisations with significant energy and water demand and assists the maintenance, environmental and energy manager to attain aggressive reduction in utility demand and cost with resulting carbon savings. The business focus in Sub-metering solutions, Cloud based automated data collection and value added consultancy services.

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