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PA-Energy is a service and system integration provider of buildings and sites energy and water metering, monitoring and analytics. The services and solutions assist energy managers to better manage their buildings and sites to reduce energy and water consumption. We work to resolve problems with metering and submetering matters.
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Energy Management


From analysing your consumption at the meter all the way through to managing energy contracts and utility invoice validation, PA-Energy has a range of services and technologies which will enable optimum performance of your buildings and energy purchasing.


The PA-Energy Enerworks  package offers a range of tailored on-site services, technologies, expert advice and off-site support to ensure that we are there for our clients.

Enerworks package for your business – Technologies and Services


    • Supply of sub-meters for electricity, gas, heat and oil meters and resolution of meter issues such as inaccuracy, over/underbilling or meter register problems (see Meterworks).


    • Advice and project management for the selection and deployment of energy efficiency programmes, metering and data collection systems.


    • Energy consultancy to review energy usage, measures to reduce energy use and costs, and manage supply capacity limitations.


    • Set up and management of energy supply contracts, invoice validation and tenant recharges.


    • Provision of ongoing desk support to clients to deal with issues or concerns as they arise related to energy consumption, metering equipment, data collection or other on-site matters.


    • Installation and operation of automatic data collection of electricity, gas, heat and oil consumption in major buildings, industrial and transportation sites and processes(see Dataworks).


    • On-site troubleshooting of energy consumption and usage issues.