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PA-Energy is a service and system integration provider of buildings and sites energy and water metering, monitoring and analytics. The services and solutions assist energy managers to better manage their buildings and sites to reduce energy and water consumption. We work to resolve problems with metering and submetering matters.
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Utility Metering


PA-Energy install and maintain water, gas, electricity, oil and heat energy sub-meters and provide remote monitoring technologies for fiscal and sub-meters together with trouble-shooting services to fix meter issues and resolve meter-related matters.


Our Meterworks package provides a full range of technology and services to improve your water, gas, electricity and heat metering and resolve any issues you have with your existing installations. We are independent so can choose the best technologies and products available to meet your requirements.

Meterworks package for your business – Technologies and Services


    • Provision and installation of sub-meters for water, gas, electric, oil and heat.


    • General trouble-shooting activities to resolve awkward problems – if you have an energy or water problem, or one that your existing supplier has not been able to fix, give us a call!


    • Advice and consultancy on major meter installation projects and meter right-sizing.


    • Supply and installation of meter accessories such as pulse heads, pulse splitters, optical readers, meter enclosures, current transformers/sensors and assemblies.


    • On-site resolution of any problems with stuck meter registers, inaccuracy and over- or under-billing and arrangement of meter accuracy tests.


    • Remote desk support to quickly deal with issues or concerns as they arise.


    • Installation, maintenance and operation of meter data loggers and communications equipment for fiscal and sub-meters, software and data collection services (see Dataworks for more information).


    • Repair and maintenance of meters and meter accessories.