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PA-Energy is a service and system integration provider of buildings and sites energy and water metering, monitoring and analytics. The services and solutions assist energy managers to better manage their buildings and sites to reduce energy and water consumption. We work to resolve problems with metering and submetering matters.
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Helping you manage your renewable energy sites


Our Greenworks is a service and technology offer from PA-Energy which ensures that you always know if your renewable energy installations are performing correctly and resolves any issues that might occur. Often, particularly after recent installation, renewable equipment may not be operating correctly, have frequent drop-outs, or not be generating the amount of energy envisaged. PA-Energy can get to the botttom of these issues, report on performance, highlight faults, and improve efficiency.


We cover all renewables including PV, CHP, Wind and solar heating and provide site monitoring, assistance with and on-site installation of data collection equipment, plus remote desk support and assistance to ensure efficient operation and maximum up-time. We also collect on-site asset information for management reporting or compliance.

Greenworks package for your business – Technologies and Services


    • Asset audit: Site visits to collect information for CCL applications including meter details.


    • General fault-finding and trouble-shooting.


    • Advice and project management for selection and deployment of metering for Feed in Tariff and data collection.


    • Automated alerts service plus on-site call-out for outages, over/under-performance faults, etc.


    • Monitor performance of renewables plant and equipment (PV, CHP, Wind turbine, solar heating, etc.) using data collection and alarm systems. On-site investigation of problems associated with renewable energy sources.


    • Provide ongoing desk support to clients to deal with issues or concerns as they arise related to renewables equipment, metering devices, data collection or other on-site matters.