pa-energy London metering and energy management systems | R&D Update
PA-Energy is a service and system integration provider of buildings and sites energy and water metering, monitoring and analytics. The services and solutions assist energy managers to better manage their buildings and sites to reduce energy and water consumption. We work to resolve problems with metering and submetering matters.
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PA-Energy’s Latest R&D Update – October 2021

Please see below the four point summary of PA Energy’s products and services ready for deployment:

  1. Core Products and Services

‘Fast fit’ new and retrofit metering

PA-Energy specify, supply, install and maintain metering for water, gas, electricity, oil and heat energy sub-meters in buildings and sites. We provide automated remote monitoring for fiscal and sub-meters together with trouble-shooting services to fix meter issues and resolve meter-related matters.

Case study – Cooling Water Flow Measurement; Plant Room, Chilled Water service Hospital


We are independent so we can choose the best technologies and products available to meet your requirements. Where possible we utilise your existing meter fleet, which in turn can save costs and be more environmentally beneficial.

Case study – Tenant Recharging; Cambridge Research Centre “New Build” thermal energy


PA-AMR DataWorks is an Automated Data collection with cloud based ‘store and forward’ data services. The service is provided by REDSTS (powered by Fusion FDM) over the internet and includes a ‘self-serve’ capability with a range of standard visualisations.


Independent Technical Expert (ITE) and Consultancy; we offer independent assessment and reporting on meter related matters for maintenance, building and environmental managers. This could be to obtain clarification or to resolve energy disputes.This also includes water network and contracts / bill issue resolution, renewables and plant room related matters such as thermal energy (heating and cooling) metering.

Case study – Water consumption monitoring; City critical services site

  1. Related products and services

Internet of Things – Data Analytics

We utilise the Fusion 242’s Fusion Data Management (FDM) platform.

The cloud and managed services are using the Amazon Web Services platform (AWS). Fusion have developed bespoke software products for their clients, which provides enhancements and customisations to existing products. Primarily developing in Java and C# for web, mobile and desktop. FDM also possess skills with Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS; with their solutions typically developed against MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.


PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.


Data Consultancy

Our team can provide resources to help identify issues, solutions and value from your existing metering data. We have internal tools that can be utilised to capture, analyse and report on data where required, with optional automation tools.

Our IT service partner Fusion 242 manage terabytes of data within hosted client systems and within internal cloud platforms; they help with alerts, API consultancy, billing, management reporting and more. For most situations this requires understanding how to organise and transform data to generate the required results, and we can share this expertise with your own teams.

  1. New product and system developments

Water monitoring

  • Thames Water

We have developed PA-AMR store and forward platforms to import water meter data from Thames Water’s AMR in the London area. This is their new ‘’smart meter” which cannot be logged locally by third parties. PA Energy had extensive dialogue with Thames Water and has a technical relationship to enable data import into PA-AMR. The Thames Water system is based on a wide area network.


Data is imported daily into PA-AMR’s head-end system directly from Thames Water, MeterPay and HWM. From PA-AMR we store and forward data to other aM&T platforms such as Team, Systemslink, ESight and Optima etc. We have also evaluated exports to Fabriq (Energy Deck), Dexma, Digital Energy and Technolog.


If you have sites with Thames Water ‘smart meters’, we can request with a letter of your authorisation to extract your water data from Thames Water easily and economically. The data can then be collected and analysed by PA Energy using REDSTS (the FDM powered visualiser) and forwarded to your own data platforms if you require it.


  • Fusion Data Management (visualisation and management reports)

We have adopted an updated meter data presentation and analytics platform called FDM (Fusion Data Management). FDM is provided by Fusion 242. Over 55,000 meters are connected to FDM and tens of millions of files produced. We have been working with them since 2012. Their platforms are utilised by some of the largest Photovoltaic (PV) metering service providers and field service companies.

  1. Operational Monitoring of Energy Data

Operation & maintenance teams managing critical systems such as plant room operations, heating and chilled water services, or tracking service level agreements for services supply, require more than the standard alarm functionality performed on data points.


We recently added a new functionality into Fusion Data Manager to perform this monitoring, and Case study – Cooling Water Flow Measurement; Plant Room, CHW Hospitaldetails the ways we implemented it. The scenario for this type of monitoring is where a target value should be met on each data point; a baseline usage. For example, a chilled or low temperature hot water heating water supply, where a minimum flow must always be available, or a temperature where a minimum must be maintained.

Image: Hour of day breakdown

Immediate monitoring is performed using standard alarms; for example, if a value is too high or too low over a period an alarm is triggered to alert relevant stakeholders as quickly as possible. This can be based on individual peaks or lows or a persistent condition. Once an issue is identified, or periodically to verify against an SLA target, the data can be analysed to give a bigger picture of what is happening, and relevant teams notified automatically.


To provide this we implemented a new target variable called ‘raw interval target’. Different devices can monitor at different frequencies (typically 30- or 15-minute profiles for energy although we handle all possibilities) so this value needs to be specified to match. Three new widgets were added to FDM.


The first analyses the data points against the interval target and displays the number that were on target, the number under the target, and a percentage overall that were on target. In addition, the analysis shows some simple statistics such as the min, max and average values in the date range.


The second widget analyses the same data but distributes the results across days of the week. It shows the average value for each day of the week, how this average is versus the target, the % of the average value that are on target, and the % of the data points for each day that are on target. This can be used to identify patterns where specific days are causing issues.


The third widget distributes the results across hour of day for the given period. This is used to identify where specific periods of a day could be causing an issue. It uses the same breakdown of average value per hour vs target and the number of individual data points in each hour that meet the target value.


The widgets are implemented as FDM scripts, thus allowing customisation and enhancement for specific requirements. This approach also allows for automation by scheduling execution of the analysis and returning the results in an email or spreadsheet. Implementing the opposite (where every point must be under the target) can also be achieved by a simple modification to the widget scripts.

Metering and Data Logging

‘Fast-fit’ Ultrasonic water meters with MODBUS

‘Fast-fit’ Electricity (3-phase) meters with MODBUS

Option with integrated AMR (multiple parameters kWh, kvar, V, A


AMR smart meter electricity  2-way communications

MID metering (for fiscal applications)

Non-MID for energy efficiency including power quality measurements

MBUS data capture solution for gas, heat and water meters

‘Fast-fit’ Ultrasonic water meters with MODBUS

‘Fast -fit’ data loggers with wireless data communications.

Example of Sip+ compatible with Trend BMS + BACNET BMS

Single channel loggers – Water metering data collection with 15/30-minute data and flow rates in litres per second to cubic meters per hour.

Multi-channel loggers; suitable for plant rooms and processes with wireless data communications.

Fast real-time meter data at 1 minute and frequent data transfer every 5 minutes if required.

Push data to other platforms i.e. aM&T or BMS e.g. Trend IQ Vision.

Fast -fit-data-loggers-with-wireless-data-communications
‘Fast -fit’ data loggers with wireless data communications
Example of High Frequency (1 minute interval) data

PA-AMR (resilient energy data storage and transformation systems REDSTS store & forward platform)

PA Energy provides three key elements of meter data management; this includes the on-site data collection M2M devices (meters/loggers), PA-AMR head-end (raw meter data collector, data storage and distribution) and the REDSTS cloud-based energy data portal.

If you would like to discuss any aspects or would like a copy of our updated general company product overview specification please let us know.

Kind regards,

Percy Albuquerque – Technical Director PA-Energy
Chester House, 1-3 Brixton Road, Kennington Park Business Centre, SW9 6DE